Located in the very heart of the Bluegrass!
Recycling Produces Beautiful Results

Go Green

Farmers were the original environmentalists, realizing instinctively that preserving and enhancing the land is the best insurance for growing a good crop. Our goal is to utilize the farm's assets in the most efficient manner possible.

Recycling Fenceboards

This bar was custom made from recycled fence boards. The fence boards were planed to skim off some of the paint, exposing portions of the board with clean raw oak. After the new bar was constructed, the wood was simply sealed with clear polyurethane. Carpentry done by John King and Sons 859-621-5553.

Recycling Hay

The hay that is baled on our farm is fed to the horses and used to bed their stalls. When the stalls are cleaned each day, the used bedding is placed in a spreader. The spreader is emptied in the cattle field, for the cows to eat. Feeding the Cows- These cattle will gain approximately 100 pounds per month, from December through April, while eating only the discarded stall bedding.